The Dune Cats were formed in 1976, authorized by Potentate Shutt Hartman and headed by Noble Jay Biggers. The unit, then known as the Mecklenburg Shrine Club Dune Cats, consisted of 20 Nobles and their four-wheel cars. The cars arrived in August, 1976 and members participated in their first competition with the South Atlantic Mini-Motors Association at Virginia Beach in 1977 winning all but one trophy offered.
The unit became so popular that its expansion to include 20 three-wheelers was authorized in 1978 by Potentate Karl C. Miller. The three-wheelers began competing that year winning one second place trophy and went on to win many times helping to make the Dune Cats the most trophy winning parade unit in the Oasis Temple. In 1984, the unit became the Oasis Shrine Dune Cats and membership was opened to all Oasis Nobles. The unit continued to have much success throughout the 1980′ and into 2010’s. Receiving many awards during competition with the South Atlantic Mini-Motors Association, and also receiving awards during the Annual South Atlantic Shrine Association convention in Myrtle Beach SC. The Dune Cats also received an award from the Imperial Potentate in the early 2000’s for raising over $400,000 for the hospital within 4 years.
As the 2010’s came around the membership began to drop. The parade units began to fall under disrepair. Other clubs and units were being formed and many nobles were more interested in those and less interested in the Dune Cats. Because of that the Dune Cats were on the verge of closing down. In 2014 Captain Bill Kennington met a new noble that was recently made a Shriner. He brought Donnie Wrenn on as a member and being that Donnie had a lot of background in automotive repair. Under Donnie’s leadership the Dune Cats membership grew, and all of the parade units were refurbished. He was also able to expand on the Dune Cats signature fund raiser.
Today the Dune Cats own and maintain all of the parade units and also own 2 separate trucks and trailers used for hauling the parade units to the parades. This make the Dune Cats unique comparted to other motorized parade units. Members do not have to purchase a parade unit nor do they have to worry about hauling their unit to and from a parade.

While the pictures may have faded, the memories are as fresh as yesterday.